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Online Courses + New Moon Circle for Creative Empaths

Check-out my online courses for Creative Empaths on Thinkific: https://amandaflaker.thinkific.com

In it you'll learn:

  • How to access your creative/psychic preference
  • How to revoke psychic permission for things you no longer want to energetically participate in
  • How to deepen your creative/psychic intimacy with life
  • Psychic etiquette (and how to uplevel your resonance)
  • How to discern between psychic assets vs psychic liabilities (so you can make creative decisions that are more in alignment with the world you want to invest in)

The course includes meditations and exercises on how to neutralize triggers + how to discover unconscious creative Shadow Contracts you may have with the Lack Matrix.

NEW MOON CIRCLE for Creative Empaths: This is a private ZOOM call I'm hosting EVERY NEW MOON (beginning in Feb.) for any creative empath who wants to dive deeper into my content with me (and others). We'll also set New Moon intentions and do a group meditation together. Email me for me details: mandaleigh80@gmail.com

The Abundance Matrix Mastermind + PODCAST

Thanks to everyone who listened, followed, and shared my podcast in 2022! Thanks to you I made it into the Top 10 Most Followed + Top 10 Most Shared Globally on Spotify for 2022! Check-out my first episode of 2023 (and make sure to follow for all of my upcoming content): https://open.spotify.com/episode/0gNQzCGncmA9jYLMQsawn4?si=bUTbo5a6Tii1de8b7dR0tw

The Abundance Matrix Mastermind:

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2022 is the year of initiation -- the year of discovering the craft and activating our creative sovereignty.

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